Misc notes from anthonywritescode videos

Use python3 -m a.main when invoking scripts as it handles PYTHONPATH better

Dont use urlparse, use urlsplit as it is doesn’t use the archaic params field (so it has a splight perf cost)

Sqlite stuff, but .schema is a good command to show the schema, .headers on shows column names along with results so is nice

Also, he shows an example of sqlite not being able to handle concurrent writes, which makes sense since he was just spawning a bunch of bash to hit it with unique cursors at the same time, ended up doing some testing here

Dont use localhost, use It prevents the /etc/hosts lookup, and also gets around IPv6 issues, as you’re explicitly using IPv4

More interesting but I dont know If Id have a usecase for pushd/popd. It is cool to know there’s a stack behind cd, but if I ever want to change directories, I’ll do a subshell instead:

# stuff in one directory
    cd ../
    # stuff in another directory
# automatically switches back to original directory