Meta; about my exobrain

Build Tool

This is built using pandoc to convert markdown files to html, using pandoc flavored markdown, which allows you to use its template language, see the conditionals in the template

The build script finds a file named in each directory and converts it to the corresponding index.html

Parts of the dynamic feed/blog/projects pages are built using my pmark script, which uses code blocks to generate markdown, from within the markdown itself.


This is hosted straight from the git repo using netlify with little customization. I followed these steps from the netlify docs to set that up, required me to remove the subdomain info and re-add it at; worked after about 30 minutes or so.

A lot of this was taken from, I’ve modified some of the CSS (particularly media queries) and JS to add bookmark links to headings, changed how the header works, along with completely modifying the content. See the goal for, and’s license. Similarly to, the code and content on this site is licensed under CC-SA. So you’re free to take my repo and modify it to create your own site, as long as you keep the same license.