Online Databases

Why use online databases?

For example, MAL, IMDB, Letterboxd

At a higher level. Its all:

Reasons to use online databases:


For anyone who is serious about exploring media, online databases are impractical to avoid. You’re either going to be using one (and perhaps contributing back to one), or using the metadata from one to create your local index of media to check out based on different creators/genres/rankings.

Unfortunately, databases by the nature catalogue a specific thing, and there will always be media that lie in the between the focus of those databases. Exclusively using one site means you miss out on media, using multiple sites means theres overlap and its not clear whether to log entries on one place/everywhere (possibly to gain recommendations on one site). Using your own local system means theres no restrictions on what is allowed, but that means theres no restrictions on what is allowed. You have to personally impose rules, else you risk your system becoming too disorganized to function.

Reasons to not use online databases:

Using a personal system (like CSV/google sheets)

My general sentiment is, I want to move closer to what I did with my music/albums solution, but using local CSV/Sqlite files instead of google sheets. Create static site generators based on the local databases, and run those on my server whenever a git repo gets updated

databases I use

Generally Good Metadata, have APIs which I use:

Generally good metadata:

Average metadata, tons of downtime, generally not a great experience: