Opam on Android

Related issue on dune


pkg install rsync clang coreutils dash diffutils make nc
curl -LO https://its-pointless.github.io/setup-pointless-repo.sh
bash setup-pointless-repo.sh
pkg install opam

I just ran opam init --bypass-checks --disable-sandboxing which sets up the basic ~/.opam directory (but eventually fails). That asks you to clean up the broken switch (version), so I did.

Then, following the debugging here:

Edit your ~/.opam/config and reduce jobs to 1, and remove the wrap-* lines (that does the sandboxing with bubblewrap, which I couldn’t figure out how to install)

Mine looks like:

opam-version: "2.0"
repositories: "default"
installed-switches: ["5.0.0" "default"]
switch: "5.0.0"
jobs: 1
download-jobs: 3
eval-variables: [
  ["ocamlc" "-vnum"]
  "OCaml version present on your system independently of opam, if any"
default-compiler: [
  "ocaml-system" {>= "4.02.3"}

Then, export LDFLAGS="-landroid-shmem" and opam switch create 5.0.0 --jobs=1

A then just wait a while for it to build.